Sports House Matches

Absolutely fantastic efforts from year 2 today in their first House Match competition. The whole year took part in a bean bag rounders tournament. This included many of the skills they have developed during their PE lessons. One player from each house was awarded Player of the Match for demonstrating excellent sportsmanship qualities. 

The results achieved today will be added to the other year groups and the overall results announced next week! 


* Edgy Time *

Click here to view this week’s Padlet.


* Thank You *

Thank you to everyone that came to watch our family assemblies today. We hope you were all wowed by the children’s confidence but also with the progress they have made since September. Here was our little message to our Mummies! Have a lovely day on Sunday.




* Reading for Pleasure *

We hope you are all enjoying your snow day. As part of our Y2 curriculum of ‘reading for pleasure’ we want you to send in a picture of your child reading for pleasure at home. I want to create a display of the children reading at home to celebrate but also to share with their friends in their class. Reading is really important and if we can instill that LOVE of reading at this age then hopefully it will continue with them through school and then into adulthood.

Please email in your pictures to me at:

Try and capture the picture without the children noticing…just like this one below:


* Kingfishers *

On Friday afternoon we presented the Year 1 pupils with their published books. We spent some time reading our books to them and then allowed them to take them home! It was so lovely watching the Year 2s reading their book to their friend.