Mr Big


Today in our class assembly some of the children listened to the story of Mr Big.


Mr Big is a gentle giant, but sadly no-one in town takes the time to find this out. The children talked about how we shouldn’t judge people by the way they look and that we should always try to give people a chance.

The story above is part of a Youtube channel with lots of other children’s stories read aloud.



* Happy Diwali *

A huge thank you to the parents for joining us throughout the day. We’ve had a very busy day of making clay divas, learning to play music, making coconut barfi and learning a Bollywood dance routine!


Exciting Electricity

Today year 2 have followed on Thomas Edison’s footsteps when they were set the challenge of lighting a light bulb. As you will see in the photos there was lots of concentration and sharing of ideas followed by a great deal of excitement when they finally succeeded. 

* Poetry *

This week we have been inspired by Hilda Offen from the Cheltenham Literature Festival by writing poetry using our senses.