* Kingfishers *

Spelling bees! Well done to everyone over the past few weeks. Not knowing which 10 spellings I am going to test you on but all individually having a go and trying your best! #proud


* Edgy Time *

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* Looking after our teeth *

This morning we welcomed Carly into our classroom to share with us about the importance of caring for our teeth. We talked about the food and drinks that are good and bad for our teeth, different types of teeth we have and how to brush them carefully.

When brushing teeth:

1. Use a small amount of toothpaste, the size of a pea.

2. Brush in small circular motions, not back and forth as that will damage your tooth.

3. Brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Try using a timer to keep track of this, sometimes you can ask for timers at the dentist.

4. Brush your teeth twice a day.

5. Use mouthwash but make sure you don’t use it after you’ve brushed your teeth. Try using it at a different time of the day.

* Mrs Kelly – Art & RE Project *

This morning we welcomed Sarah Kelly into our classrooms to talk to us about her journey and how she managed to reach her dream of being a musician. She wowed the pupils and staff with her journey from becoming an athlete in her teens, to teaching and then onto music. Ask your child about what she used to compete in? Who did she run for? Why do shoes play an important part in her life?

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* Taste the Rainbow *

This morning we used the skittle experiment to see what happened when we added warm water to a plate of skittles. The children made observations and wrote up our findings. They used words like ‘dissolve’ and ‘molecules’ making observations that the sugar coating on the skittles dissolved into the warm water.